ob van Koeveringe


Short Intro

Windcentrale is a custom component for Home Assistant a free and open-source software for home automation. The custom component lets you sign in to your account and collects data from multiple API’s. The data is divided in three sensor groups:
– The first group is the live data of the wind turbines.
– The Second group is the history data of the wind turbines.
– The Third group is news data about the Windcentrale and the wind turbines.


To use the APIs, users must authenticate themselves. The Wincentrale company uses Amazon Cognito for user authentication and authorization. To obtain the tokens, I wrote a piece of python code. In it, you get an access and refresh token. These are valid for one hour. The access token can be used to access the other APIs.

					def __get_tokens(self):
     boto3_client = boto3.client('cognito-idp', region_name='eu-west-1')
     aws = AWSSRP(username=self.email, password=self.password, pool_id='eu-west-1_U7eYBPrBd', client_id='715j3r0trk7o8dqg3md57il7q0', client=boto3_client)
     return aws.authenticate_user()


By using 8 APIs, we can show a number of sensors:

  • The live sensors are retrieved from one API every 20 sec. These display live data from the wind turbine and some other data such as wind.
  • There are 6 APIs used for all history sensors. These can be divided into 2 groups. The first group is the history or total wind turbine and the other group is that of the shares you own of the wind turbine. These are updated once a day.
  • The last API is the one for the news this shows when there is, for example, failure or maintenance on a wind turbines or the platform.
Home Assistant Sensors

Energy Dashboard

In Home Assistant, there is an energy dashboard. I have made it possible to add your wind turbine to it. This ensures that you have a clear bar chart showing how much the wind turbine produces per hour. In doing so, you can also choose to view the graph by day, week and month. You can even compare them with a different time frame.

Energy Dashboard