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Littie of Littienie

Short Intro

This Boules Club is a vibrant community of boules enthusiasts. This website serves as a valuable resource, providing essential information about the club’s activities and offerings. Sush as an event agenda and contact form. For members there is a:
– Member List: Connect with fellow members within the club.
– Agenda: Access a detailed schedule of upcoming activities and games.
– Photo Album: Browse through memorable pictures of events.
– Match Results: Keep track of the latest match results.
Littie of Littienie

On the signed-in section of the website, there is a ‘Member List’ page where members can search for their fellow members. When clicking on a field, a specific app opens, allowing for further interactions or actions related to that field. Examples:

  • Email field opens the email app/application.
  • Phone/Mobile number field opens the phone app.

The member list is automatically populated from the website’s WordPress account. For making it effortless to find a particular person.
There are features such as a search bar and a sorting function are built-in to enhance the user experience.

Littie of Littienie MemberList

There is a public and a members’ agenda.
The public agenda lists standard evenings at the club and public tournaments or events.
For members, it also lists when a something for members to do or the venue is rented out to third parties.

Littie Of Littienie Agenda

On the signed-in section of the website, there is also a ‘Photo Album’ page where members can view pictures of events from the club.
The pictures are stored within an album for each day/event.

Littie of Littienie Album

For the members there is also a way of viewing the results of the match or tournament.

Littie of Littienie Match Results